Property and Valuations

All you need to know about property and valuations


We can look to lend on a range of different property types including ex-local authority homes, properties above or near commercial premises and freehold flats.

At a glance

The property must be:

  • Readily saleable & mortgageable for owner occupation

  • In England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isles of Scilly.

All properties are subject to our valuers assessment of condition, marketability and suitability to our lending criteria. 

Minimum property value

We will base the minimum property value on the purchase price or the valuation figure, whichever is lower.

Property criteria: A-E

Property criteria: F-L

Property criteria: M-O

Property criteria: S-W

Title and tenure

Environmental Issues

During the valuation process the valuer may identify environmental issues which must be detailed within the report. These may include: 

  • Asbestos. 

  • Contaminated land. 

  • Flooding and coastal erosion. 

  • Geological problems such as the presence of gases, coal and other forms of mining operations (past and present) etc. 

  • Invasion plants, including Japanese Knotweed.

The valuer must assess each case on its individual merits. They may request specialist reports to support them with their assessment. 

Construction Materials & Types

Acceptable construction materials

Where you have the a specific construction type not listed above and want to check if this is acceptable to us, please contact our BDA’s.

Property constructions that are listed as acceptable are still subject to the valuer confirming the property is suitable security for Natwest. 

Further information on construction types below:

Construction Materials & Types: A-G

Construction Materials & Types: H

Construction Materials & Types: M-N

Construction Materials & Types: P-S

Construction Materials & Types: S


We rely upon the professional opinion of our valuers to confirm if a property shows the presence of potentially combustible cladding or if there are other fire safety concerns. Should they feel this is the case, where confirmation of remediation is not available through Government Remediation data or an EWS1/FRAEW is not already available for a building, the valuer may request an EWS1 form or FRAEW (Fire Risk Assessment of External Walls).

All valuations remain subject to valuer’s comments.