Lending in Northern Ireland

All you need to know about our mortgages in Northern Ireland


At a glance

We can help customers in Northern Ireland with a mortgage. We accept Euro income as well as GBP income.   

Customers must be a UK resident at time of application, have a UK bank account and be able to provide address verification. Standard lending limits and loan to values (LTV’s) apply where the customer has Irish Citizenship.


Properties must have a minimum purchase price or anticipated minimum value of £40,000, whichever is lower.

We lend on properties on Rathlin Island subject to valuation.

Types of lending

Flats in Northern Ireland

We’ll lend on flats. 

For one bedroom flats we’ll consider:

  • Purpose build apartment blocks in the postcode range BT1 to BT18. 

  • A Management Company must be in existence. 
    Please see Northern Ireland Housing executive/Ex-local authority below for additional information on flats.

Northern Ireland Housing executive (NIHE)/Ex-local authority

We’ll lend on NIHE houses (Ex-local authority) where the freehold is purchased before or on completion.

We won’t lend on NIHE flats (Ex-local authority).


We know that Self-Build properties are popular in Northern Ireland. 

NatWest don’t typically lend on Self-Build properties built and occupied within the last 2 years.

However, we can lend where the Self- Build property was financed though Ulster Bank. There is no requirement for the property to have been built and occupied for 2 years subject the Building Control Completion Certificate being in place. New Build Lending Limits & Max LTV’s will apply. 

A self-build property must be fully complete with full Building Control Completion Certificate and warranty in place before we can consider lending on it. NatWest do not accept retrospective warranties or consider lending on partially built properties. 

Customer Income

We can use a wide range of incomes to support affordability. The following will help you understand how we asses income from Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

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