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Buy to Let policies and Income Coverage ratios, along with your client’s eligibility.

Our Buy-to-Let mortgages at a glance

We can help customers get onto the Buy to Let property ladder where they have never owned a property before, as well as helping customers who have a property portfolio.

Eligibility and criteria

Eligibility and criteria continued

Small landlord and Portfolio Like-for-Like mortgages

At least one applicant must own and reside in their own home in the UK to be eligible for the small landlord & portfolio like-for-like calculator.

Where the customer owns a residential home but they don’t live in this due to living in tied-accommodation as part of their employment (e.g. armed forces, boarding school teacher, vicar/minister, estate worker), this is acceptable providing the customer continues to have a residential property e.g. a property on Consent to Let.

Important Information

Letting agents costs will be deducted from rental income for assessment (this will be requested on the calculator).

We don’t allow Top Slicing on this type of application. 

Please use our calculator to check the maximum we can lend.


We do not request documents as standard, however the underwriter can request any information they feel necessary when assessing the application. 

Portfolio landlords, Non-Owner Occupiers and First-Time Buyers

Non-Owner Occupiers and First-Time Buyers are defined as customers who will not own and reside in a UK residential property on completion.

Please use the calculator to check the maximum we can lend.


Full standard packaging requirements is required.

Consumer Buy to Let

Our approach to identifying a consumer Buy to Let is based on how the customer views their Buy to Let activity. Where the customer intends to benefit from house price growth or rental income we will class this as Investment purposes and not a consumer BTL. 

We don’t offer consumer BTL mortgages.

Sourcing Tip - If property will be used as an investment property, ensure that sourcing isn’t filtered by Consumer Buy to Let so that NatWest appears on your sourcing.

Regulated Buy to Let

A regulated BTL is where the property will be rented out to an immediate family member.

We don’t currently support regulated Buy to Let.

Additional borrowing

Where a customer requests additional borrowing on a buy to let property, applications can’t be considered in the following circumstances:

  • Any gambling purchase.

  • Any form of business purpose (i.e. start up for a new business)

  • We will not offer the customer any form of Unsecured Debt Consolidation

If a customer is raising funds for an onward purchase, we need to know the intended property. The underwriter may request:

  • Where this will be mortgaged- a KFI or mortgage offer for the intended purchase. 

  • If this will be bought for cash- a copy of the memorandum of sale. 

  • An ARLA letter where a rental property is being purchased.

Keying the application

Rental income from either the subject or background properties should not be keyed as an income source on the Agreement in Principal or the Full Mortgage Application.

All background property information including from individual rental properties will be captured in the application.

For employed clients who are unable to verify their income in line with our packaging requirements income should be keyed as £0. 

Where the client has a Holiday Let in the background this will be included within our maximum portfolio criteria.


A physical valuation is required.

Rental income for the application will be based on the market rental as indicated on the valuation report or the rental received whichever is lower

Procuration fees

0.45% gross (both DA and AR firms). £250 minimum. Please see Procuration Fees.


Next steps

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If you'd like further guidance on our other policies, please visit our lending criteria page.