Small and Portfolio landlords

All you need to know about Small and Portfolio landlords



At least one applicant must own and reside in their own home in the UK to be eligible for our simplified calculations.

Where the customer owns a residential home but they don’t live in this due to living in tied-accommodation as part of their employment (e.g. armed forces, boarding school teacher, vicar/minister, estate worker), this is acceptable providing the customer continues to have a residential property e.g. a property on Consent to Let.

Our calculation

Affordability will be determined by evaluating the property to be mortgaged, using a rental income coverage ratio (ICR) and a stress rate specific to the product.

Please use our calculator to check the maximum we can lend.

Portfolio check

Portfolio landlords only (4 or more Buy to Let or Consent to Let mortgaged properties as at completion of this application.)

Where the customer is a portfolio landlord we will assess the customer's existing portfolio to ensure the aggregate LTV and ICR is sustainable. The following  rental calculation and maximum LTV will apply across your customer's portfolio excluding the property to be mortgaged.

Please note, we validate the customers estimated rent and capital on all background properties.

Where the customer is doing a Like-for-Like remortgage this check isn’t required.


Important Information

Letting agents costs will be deducted from rental income for assessment (this will be requested on the calculator).

We don’t allow Top Slicing on this type of application. 

Portfolio landlords only - At least one applicant must have at least 2 years landlord experience.

Max age

  • Small landlord – Age 80 at the end of the term.
  • Portfolio Landlords – Age 80 at the end of the term or the customers intended retirement age if this is sooner as we do not lend into retirement. 

Your responsibilites when submitting Buy to Let applications

It is important to key accurate information to avoid delays in the application process. Please ensure that you capture background property addresses, rent, property value, personal income, correct tax band selected (tax band on completion i.e. including all rent), product and product rate.


We don’t request income documents as standard, however the underwriter can request any information they feel necessary when assessing the application. As part of an annual audit you may be requested to provide income documentation.

Where the customer owns four or more Buy to Let or Consent to Let mortgaged properties on completion of this application we will also require:

  • 1 month most recent bank statement(s) for all rental properties. Underwriters may request additional information if required.
  • Where the customer is doing a Like-for-Like remortgage the above packaging isn’t required.

Next steps

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