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Help first-time buyers get across the line


We’re here to help you support more first-time buyers with their home ownership and property goals.

Why choose us?

Below is a snapshot of some key criteria: 

  • Customers can use gifted deposits from family, friends and other 3rd parties. Please see our Lending Criteria for more information on deposits.
  • We lend up to age 75 and up to a maximum term of 40 years.
  • We’ll use multiple income streams to assess affordability.  This is up to 100% and includes second jobs. Please see our Income and Packaging guide for more information.
  • We do a soft credit check at Agreement In Principle (AIP)  to allow you to assess credit worthiness.
  • You can print out an AIP certificate for your customer.
  • Our Affordability Calculator will give you an accurate reflection of what your customer can borrow.
  • We’ll lend up to 95% LTV on Flats and Houses.
  • First-time buyers (FTBs) can purchase a Buy to Let.

At a glance

Here’s what you need to know about our first-time buyer proposition:

  • Our definition of a first-time buyer is a customer who has not owned a property before.
  • First-time buyer exclusive products are only available on a capital and interest basis.
  • If the mortgage application is made by more than one person, one of the applicants must meet this definition in order to qualify for any first-time buyer exclusive mortgage deals.
  • A customer who has a buy to let property but is now seeking to purchase a residential property does not qualify. The customer is not buying for the first-time as they have already bought a property.

Next steps

See how much your client can borrow with our affordability calculators.

We have a range of products and rates to suit your client needs.

We have a team of experts ready to support you with any queries.