Service Levels

Current Processing Times

Current Processing Times (working days)


Day 3
Assessing packaging, instructing valuations and taking fees


Day 9
New business and Product Transfers with ABDO

Assess Further Information

Day 4
Documents submitted date

Telephony average wait time

15 minutes

LiveTALK average wait time

2 minutes

Broker Registrations

2 days 
Following verification by your Firm/Network

Ported Mortgage Illustration requests

26th May
Request received date

Cases offered within 7 days

Average speed in this group = 5 days

Cases offered within 8 to 14 days

Average speed in this group = 11 days

Average speed to offer Product Transfer

2 days

Ported Mortgage Applications

+2 days
On top of our reported Employed and Self Employed SLA's quoted above