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Get more remortgage choices at your finger tips


We’re here to support you to help your customers wanting to remortgage.

 They could secure a better rate, and benefit from £250 cashback or standard legal fees paid with selected mortgage deals.  

Why choose us?

Free valuations as standard.

Free standard legals or cashback options.

Product options:

  • Valuation fee paid for properties valued up to £10 million AND
  • £250 cashback option OR
  • Standard legal fees paid up to £2m loan size  - includes unencumbered properties. 
    We’ll cover standard remortgage legal fees, with any additional Solicitors' fees being met by the customer. 

At a glance

A remortgage is a transfer of an existing mortgage from one lender to another, where there is no house move involved. This also applies to properties with no existing mortgage (known as an unencumbered property). Customers can do additional borrowing when they remortgage with us.