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About us

NatWest have a dedicated Large Loan underwriting team who’re able to give you a bespoke service for large loans customers and customers with more complex lending requirements.  They're there to support you and your customer's applications for more complex loans over £600,000. Prior to submission, you can discuss a large loan mortgage application with our team of underwriting experts, to give you the peace of mind that we may be able to lend. We recognise that each customer is unique and can provide a more bespoke service when you need it.  

How we can help

You can call us to discuss any complex large Loan, here’s some of the things we can consider on an individual basis:

  • The use of salary and net profit after tax through a Ltd company
  • Complex income structures e.g. vested stocks and shares, annual cash/deferred bonuses where the client can provide a proven and consistent track record
  • A recently promoted partner of a Large Professional LLP (example Law & Accountancy firms)
  • Ring fencing private school fees
  • Properties with non-commercial outbuildings or large acreage plots
  • Residential interest only up to 75%, where repayment vehicles do not quite cover the interest only amount, at the point of application
  • Complex income structures for legal professionals e.g. Barristers

Important information on lending criteria

To support large loan mortgage applications here’s some general criteria:

  • Day one free valuations for purchase up to a property price of £3m and £10m for remortgage
  • Maximum LTI to 5.5x (subject to credit score)
  • Stress rate for 5-year residential fixed rate mortgages
  • Maximum term to 40 years and maximum age to 75
  • Maximum LTV parameters, now lending to 85% up to £2.55m
  • Track and switch feature for all tracker mortgages
  • No procuration fee cap

For our latest product guides and A-Z of Lending Criteria

Submitting an application

  • Our large loan underwriting team understand that your customers have individual requirements and may have complex sources of income.
  • To discuss your customers mortgage application, you can either speak to our underwriting team on 0345 905 0001 or complete our large loan proforma, email this to:, and we’ll contact you.
  • Following a conversation with one of our underwriting team, we’ll provide you with a unique reference number, followed by an email to confirm the detail of the conversation outlining any supporting documentation that will be required when submitting the application.
  • The indication to lend doesn’t constitute a formal offer and will be subject to a full credit review upon receipt of the application.

We recommend when submitting your application, you include the unique reference number within the additional comments box, along with your proforma and email confirmation. 

To ensure a seamless customer journey please submit the application and full packaging / information requested by the underwriter to ensure a full credit assessment. 

For private banking large loans requirements please utilise the following link.