Document upload

How to submit supporting documentation


Instructions for submitting supporting documentation for a Full Mortgage Application

Mortgage Intermediary

Direct upload - For all cases submitted via

  1. 01

    Once you have submitted an application, to upload documents, you’ll need the Mortgage Reference Number. You can access the Mortgage Reference Number in two ways: 

    a. it will appear alongside your client’s details on the website

    b. you will receive an e-mail in real time following the submission of the application

  2. 02

    Next, select ‘Packaging Requirements’ from the summary header and case-specific packaging guidance will be displayed.

  3. 03

    The option ‘Proceed to Upload Documents’ will be presented below the packaging guidance text. Click on that and you will be able to upload PDFs and JPEGs up to 10MB in size.


    If you are unable to upload any documentation, please email the supporting documentation to ensuring that the Mortgage Reference Number is in the email title.

Administrator Access

Where you have an administrator to send us documents on your behalf, we have created a separate Admin access specifically for document upload.

Administration staff can complete the instant registration by clicking on ‘Register with us’.

Administrators will be restricted to uploading documents and will not be able to key illustration requests, AIPs or FMAs. For data security they will only be able to view the documents they have uploaded.

It is important that both advisors and administrators exit the website using ‘Log off’  to avoid a case being locked.