Product Transfers and ADBO Switch

Mortgage Product Transfers and ADBO Switch


Why choose NatWest?

  • no additional underwriting for standalone product transfers.
  • quick, straight forward processing.
  • customers can benefit from additional borrowing at the point of switching (subject to Underwriters decision).
  • valuation flexibility: customers can choose from  the House Price Index (HPI) value or request a standard valuation. This is completed at a cost to the customer and they will need to call 0345 302 0190 (Relay UK: 18001 0345 302 0190) to arrange this.
  • exclusive broker rates.

At a glance

Product transfer eligibility

This is available for residential and Buy-to-Let customers who are:

  • within their roll-off period (six calendar months before end date).
  • on a standard variable rate (SVR).
  • within the track and switch eligibility period.

Sub-account maximum: 5

Minimum value: £10,000

Product transfer with additional borrowing eligibility

  • residential mortgages only.
  • can only be applied for on a capital & interest (repayment) basis.
  • to support customers who are looking to release capital from their home (subject to current criteria),  our maximum LTV is 90% LTV.
  • however, if any element of the loan request is to consolidate debts (as per below) then the maximum LTV remains at 80%.
  • it’s key to note that Shared Equity & Ownership staircasing requests are NOT considered as debt consolidation and can be offered up to 90% LTV.

Process a product transfer in just seven easy steps

  1. Log in to our website.
  2. Enter the customer’s basic details.
  3. Select the valuation option.
  4. Choose a new deal from our products page.
  5. Confirm your customer is happy to proceed. We’ll then email the documents to the customer and yourself.
  6. Customers must accept the offer within 14 calendar days.
  7. The completion will take place when the existing fixed rate expires, or as soon as possible after receipt of the acceptance where the existing rate has already expired.

It is time dependent on the speed of submission of packaging and how quickly the client signs and returns the offer.  If a full valuation is required that can also add additional time to the process.

Process additional borrowing with product transfer in just two extra steps

Additional borrowing is only available when requested at the same time as a product transfer:

  1. The additional borrowing application is assessed.
  2. When funds are released the product switch application is progressed.  This should be made clear to the customer at the outset.

Once your customer returns the paperwork the funds will be available for release to the client in 48 hours. Or they can specify a date after the 48 hours.

The customer will still only make one monthly repayment by Direct Debit and we will write to advise them how much their new combined monthly payment is.

For cases where there is more than one sub-account switching and they have different expiry dates, these will be keyed as separate switches. We’ll send paperwork for the sub-account that is due to expire first and once the rate is accepted and applied on that sub-account, we’ll then send the paperwork for the next sub-account. 

Packaging requirements

Our packaging requirements are the same as those for new business.

If the additional borrowing exceeds £50,000 please send estimates for work. If there is a structural change, where applicable appropriate documentation proving the client has planning permission and building warrants in place, will be required.

Send supporting documents with the customer’s existing mortgage account number in the email to:  Do not use the Document Upload portal.

Procuration fees

The additional borrowing fee will be paid at the same rate you receive currently for new business with a minimum payment of £250.

The product transfer procurement fee will be paid at the product transfer rate, i.e. 0.2%.

As the additional borrowing and the product transfer will be processed separately, the additional borrowing will be paid first once the funds are released.

The product transfer fee will be paid once the new rate is in effect on the existing mortgage.


We’ll use house price index valuations for loans under 60% LTV and under £350,000. Outside of these we will use a variety of valuation tools to get an up-to-date valuation.

If we need to instruct a valuation above 60% LTV or for loans above £350,000 this will be at the banks expense.

FAQs - Eligibility

FAQs - Process

FAQs - Additional borrowing

Application Updates & Help

 Who can update me on the progress of my customer's Product Transfer?

You can call our dedicated broker line on: 0345 600 0205 (Relay UK: 18001 0345 600 0205) for an update on your customer's application.

The line is open Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What do I do if the system isn’t working?

Contact the NWIS LiveTALK team on our homepage.