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Packaging requirements

Making sure we have the necessary documents

This site is only for use by mortgage intermediaries who are authorised to provide mortgage advice.

Once you've submitted an application

Packaging requirements are the documents and information we need to process your client's mortgage application.

Once you've started an application you'll have 10 working days to submit the supporting documentation.

Within 24 hours

A mortgage reference number will be added to your client record on this site within 24 hours of the application being submitted. Once you've received this, please email the income verification and identity documents to or fax them to 0845 878 9498.

The Mortgage Reference Number must be noted on the first page of each attachment as well as in the subject bar of the email. If you email your documents to us, you'll immediately receive an email confirmation outlining the timescales for processing. 

Verifying your client's identity

Once the application is complete you'll receive a scoring decision. This will be one of: Accept, Refer or Decline. Any policy warnings will also be displayed at this point.

As part of the scoring process, we'll attempt to electronically verify your client's identity. If this is successful you'll receive a message to confirm that we won't need further proof of identity for them. If we're unable to verify your client's identity, you'll be asked to send us certified copies of their identity documents. Either way, you will know at the point of sale what will be required. 


For specific guidance on what we need for application packaging, please use the following documents.

Packaging guidelines Scan email user guide
Add your signposting title here… About supporting documents

All supporting documents must be sent to us within ten working days of the application being submitted. If we don't receive your client's documents within this timeframe, we'll assume you don't want to proceed and will remove the application from our system.

Please follow these guidelines to make sure we can process the application as quickly as possible:

  • Ensure that every page is clearly legible, with photocopies scanned on the lightest setting.
  • In block capitals, write 'true copy of the original', your full name and your company name on each page – and sign and date each page.
  • Bank statements must show the stated mandated salary and existing financial commitments.
  • All current financial commitments must be declared on the mortgage application form together with details of those that will be repaid at completion.

If we request further information in order to make a full sanction once your application has been assessed, please submit this immediately. We will keep you informed of the progress of your case by email.

Add your signposting title here… Post-application support

If you have a question about an application you've submitted, you can speak to a team who liaise with our mortgage processing centre and underwriters. They can help you with issues such as:

  • valuation instructions for urgent cases
  • advising on what is required for cases to proceed
  • escalating urgent cases
  • providing one month offer extensions (for standard three months offers)
  • obtaining product and ID exceptions.

Your Business Development Manager will put you in touch with this team when it's appropriate.

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