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Mortgage Illustration Requests

Where you require a manual mortgage illustration to be produced, please ensure it meets one of the reasons below before submitting a mortgage illustration request:

  1. Porting Application - For customers wishing to port an existing Natwest mortgage
  2. Withdrawn Product - Where a full mortgage application is already submitted and the interest rate you require has now been withdrawn
  3. Remortgage - Where the borrowing amount is over £2milllion

For customers where their existing product is coming to an end within the next 110 days, please speak to your BDM before submitting a mortgage illustration request. 

For Product Transfers: Where a Mortgage Illustration is required for a Product Transfer these must be obtained through a sourcing system, alternatively a copy will be provided to both you and your client at Offer Stage. 

To produce a mortgage illustration for rates available from our current portfolio you can simply visit our Broker Portal by clicking 'Log in to place business' on our Website.

*Please ensure you have obtained your client’s consent to allow you to access their existing mortgage information held by the bank before submitting a mortgage illustration request.

Mortgage Illustration Request Form
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