Document Upload

Document Upload

How to use our Document Upload facility

Mortgage Intermediary

If you created your case on on or after 6th December

Within 4 hours of the application being submitted you will receive an email from us confirming the mortgage reference number of your application and when you log into our website and select the case the mortgage reference number will be shown against your client details.  Select ‘Packaging Requirements’ from the summary header and case specific packaging guidance will now be displayed.  An option ‘Proceed to Upload Documents’ will be available below the packaging text. 

You will then be able to upload PDFs and Jpegs up to 10MB in size. 

Neither individual certification nor Certification Face sheet is required when using this method. 

You will see on screen confirmation that the documentation has been successfully submitted  and the status will change to ‘Submitted’. Once the attached proofs have been recorded on our system (within 4 hours of submission) the status will change to ‘Received’.

There is no need to pick up the phone and verify receipt.  

If you created your case on  before 6th December  or submitted the application using MTE

Brokers must continue to refer to the Packaging Requirements and email all required proofs to Egress and TLS will continue to provide security in transmission.   A certification face sheet is required for documents sent by this method.


Administrator Access

Where you have an administrator to send us documents on your behalf, we have created a separate Admin access specifically for document upload.

Administration staff can complete the instant registration by clicking on ‘Register with us’.

Administrators will be restricted to uploading documents and will not be able to key illustration requests, AIPs or FMAs. For data security they will only be able to view the documents they have uploaded.

It is important that both advisors and administrators exit the website using ‘Log off’  to avoid a case being locked.


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